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Market Leader in Real Estate Insights Adds Additional Resource in Key Market

I am pleased to announce that Derek Tinney has joined Teranet as Director of Business Development. Based in Vancouver, his main focus will be to establish and expand our presence in important western markets.

Working closely with government and industry partners, Derek will lead our business development activities related to data acquisition and strategic partnerships that supports our national strategy.   He brings many years of customer relationships and data management experience to this new role.  

This role represents an important milestone for Teranet as we execute our national Data and Analytics strategy, which is designed to reinforce our position as the leader in real estate market insights in Canada.     

Please join us in welcoming Derek to the Commercial Solutions team at Teranet!


Drew Doherty
Director Marketing & Product Development – Commercial Solutions

October 24, 2016

If you haven’t already heard, the New GeoWarehouse release is right around the corner and there are some awesome new features that you may want to know about! Check them out!

Enhanced Single Search Bar

  • Quick search by address, name, PIN, or ARN
  • Recent search activity
  • Real-time suggestions as you type











Improved Map Search

  • Single-click map search
  • Quick links to the Property Report and full-screen Street View
  • Location detection to find properties near you











Enriched Comparable Sales Search

  • Quick access to Comparable Sales search
  • Custom polygon drawing tool
  • Real-time statistics










Do you want to know more about the New GeoWarehouse?




If you are representing a seller selling a condo or a buyer buying a condo, then you know that there will be different information and research required in order to get the job done. This is one reason why a long time ago we added the capability for you to obtain condo status certificates online from GeoWarehouse.

One challenge that can occur when searching for condo information using any tool is that there are so many owners, and parking spaces are literally their own properties, and so performing a search on a condo is that much more difficult, especially if you don’t have complete information. This is because of the way that the information is registered in the Province of Ontario Land Registry Information System (POLARIS) and as you likely know, this is one of GeoWarehouse’s primary sources for data.

In the New GeoWarehouse, we have aimed to make the process of searching for information about a condo that much easier. Using the new single search bar, you will be able to search for information about a condo by owner’s name, address, ARN or PIN! See, easy.



Want to take advantage and make your condo status search easier? Please visit today.



rsz_online_real_estateMost real estate sales professionals in the province of Ontario use GeoWarehouse. With a GeoWarehouse subscription, you have access to a host of information and reports that you can generate about a property, by neighbourhood and even by an individual’s name. What some are less aware of is the GeoWarehouse Store itself.

The GeoWarehouse Store offers access to a host of paid, supplemental searches, documents, images and reports that help real estate professionals do the best job possible for their clients. In this blog, we cover three life-saving reports that are available in the GeoWarehouse Store – reports that can save your client big time!

Property Survey

While property title insurance may be acceptable to some financial institutions when financing a mortgage, it is not acceptable to most homebuyers. Most homebuyers want a survey. When a survey is not available, it has, in the past, been a major cost and inconvenience, especially when a new survey is required. Always check in GeoWarehouse first! When searching a property, if a survey is available, it will indicate this. You can then purchase a copy of the survey through the GeoWarehouse Store.

Instrument Image

While the use of Parcel Registers* has become commonplace, another tool you may not know that you have at your fingertips is the ability to look at Instrument Images. Anytime something is registered on the Parcel Register*, there is an associated registration number. This number can be used to retrieve the document that was registered against the title of the home. For example, if you look at a Parcel Register* and you see a lien, the Instrument Image will reveal who registered it and even their representative’s contact information. Instrument Images are available for purchase through the GeoWarehouse Store.

Insurance Claims Report

A fairly new addition to the GeoWarehouse Store is access to the HomeVerified Report. This report reveals insurance claims that have been made on the property being bought/sold. You can even look at insurance claims by a particular area. It also reveals if a property has ever been used as a grow-op. These are things that the eye cannot see and may or may not come up on a property inspection – this report eliminates any questions.

Now, the next time you are working on a deal and something comes up, like an unavailable survey or a title issue that requires more investigation, you are equipped with the information to know where you can go to get answers.

Find out more by visiting

*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.

October 3, 2016

sm-neighbourhood_demographicsHaving a good understanding of the neighbourhood demographics in the area you are selling in is absolutely critical to you doing the best possible job for your clients. Being able to point out that particular demographics in an area you are recommending are suited to what your client is looking for could make or break your deal.

Neighbourhood information, such as the location of schools, transit and other amenities are a given, but when we say neighbourhood demographics we are talking about really digging into ‘who’ lives in a particular neighbourhood.

Step 1 is going to be to understand your clients’ needs. How do they plan to use the property? What is the make-up of their family? What are their personal and financial goals? Different clients will have different needs when buying a home, which we neatly separate into 4 groups: population information, household information, socio-economic information and cultural Information.

Population information – Potential homebuyers want to know the population distribution in a particular area, information like the percentage of male vs. female residents, distribution of population by age and even population distribution by marital status. Homebuyers with families want to know, for example, the % of married families in an area with children.

Household information – It is important to understand how your client intends to use the property that they are buying, as this may change what type of demographic information they are looking for. For example, a buyer who plans to rent the property they are purchasing may want information like average rents in the area, % of homes that are owned vs. rented, etc. Most buyers like to understand information such as the percentage of single-detached homes, apartments, semi-detached homes, townhouses and even the % of occupied dwellings in a particular area.

Socio-economic information – This is extremely valuable information for a potential homebuyer because it tells the homebuyer critical information about residents in the area. Things like the employment rate, education (high school vs. college vs. university), employment type (white collar, blue collar, etc.) and dominant professions can all have an impact.

Cultural information – Some homebuyers want to know dominant language, ethnicity and religions in an area that they are considering buying in.

Being able to answer these questions can make or break your deal because this could significantly increase a buyer’s interest in living in a particular area. The question is, are you equipped to provide your clients with the information that they need to make a buying decision or are you properly equipping your potential buyers with the information they need to choose your client’s property?

If you don’t use a tool that places this information at your fingertips, then you may want to consider checking out GeoWarehouse. GeoWarehouse gives you access to all of the information discussed in this blog and more.

Find out more about it here:



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