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February 19, 2019

Has a lack of property survey ever delayed your deal from closing? If so, you’re not alone.

A property survey can be immensely important — even more important than the deed, say some.

While not all lenders require property surveys, if you are dealing with one who does you know that it’s necessary. But what can you do if you don’t have, or can’t find, a survey?

The long answer might be to arrange for a new surveyor to come out, but this can get expensive and time-consuming — especially when you are waiting on a deal to go through and the survey is the last piece you need.

The short answer is simple: access it online!

GeoWarehouse has existing historical surveys available online in our e-store. If a survey for the property in question is available, you’ll be able to obtain it at the click of a button for much less than it would cost to get a new one.

Even if your lender doesn’t require a survey for the deal to close, it’s still a good idea to see if a historical copy exists.

According to the Toronto Star, a 2015 study by the surveyors at Protect Your Boundaries showed that of 1.2 million freehold residential properties in the GTA, an estimated 49% have significant boundary issues, most of which would not be covered by title insurance since they involve fences, hedges, and retaining walls.

Plus, if an issue comes up at the last minute, you’ll want to be prepared. The same Toronto Star article references a vendor who owned a house on the wrong side of a street, and one who owned the wrong half of a semi-detached house.

These may seem like extreme cases, but it is often better to be safe than sorry — particularly when it comes to closing a deal.

Obtaining a property survey can just be good due diligence. And accessing it online makes it so easy to do that you’ll want to make it part of your regular process.

Access your property surveys today through the GeoWarehouse e-store. If you don’t have an account, call us at 1-866-237-5937 or visit


NEW Reporting

Author: GeoWarehouse
July 4, 2016

Rich reporting capabilities will help you find the information that you need, in an easy to read manner and with deep analytics that you can use.



Here at Teranet we have been working hard to bring you the latest and greatest, most up-to-date tools to make your life a little easier. This meant listening to your feedback and making improvements to our already great GeoWarehouse tool. These changes have been exceptional – and we are excited about the New GeoWarehouse, especially the new and improved map features. Check them out!

The new single-click map search lets you click anywhere for property info- and gives you quick-link access to full-screen Street View and the Property Report:ware1


Even cooler though is our real-time location detection- you can find properties near you with a simple click of the mouse or touchpad!


The New GeoWarehouse gives you the information you want, right at your fingertips – now with even less time spent!


Sign up to learn more at

Not a GeoWarehouse customer yet? Visit to find out what you’re missing.


January 25, 2016

geo3Teranet is excited to announce the New GeoWarehouse – everything you loved about GeoWarehouse, only better. We’ve considered the feedback received from our valued customers over the last few years and used it to make a few changes. What kind of changes you ask? Here are just a few of the improvements:

  • An enhanced single search bar makes property searches even easier
    • Quick search by address, name, PIN or ARN
    • View recent search activities
    • Receive real-time suggestions as you type
  • Improved map search
    • Single-click map search
    • Quick links to the Property Report and full-screen Street View
    • Location detection to find properties near you
  • Enriched comparable sales search
    • Quick access to comparable sales search
    • Custom polygon drawing tool
    • Real-time stats

You asked for more, and we are giving you more! Sign up to learn more:

Not a GeoWarehouse customer yet? To take advantage, please visit today.

November 18, 2015

geo1Mortgage agents and brokers in Ontario heavily rely on the Equifax Credit Report to assess the credit worthiness and serviceability of an applicant. Really, if you think about this, a real estate sales professional could put together, based on the tools that they have in front of them, a veritable credit report that considers the client and the property being purchased and sold.

Let’s look at your average real estate transaction and its components – this is after the client has been landed – you are going to want to know the same things across the board about your client and property – negative attributes may prevent you from working with the client, positive ones let you know that you have a good, clean deal.

The property:

  • What is the sales history on the property – both transfer amounts but also transferees?
  • What is the legal description of the property?
  • What are the comparable sales in the area?
  • What things in the area are potential benefits or concerns?
  • If it is a condo – is the financial standing of the condo corporation good?

The customer:

  • Is your client currently the legal owner of a property?
  • Does your client have enough equity in a property being sold to finance the closing costs?
  • Does your client have enough equity in a property to finance the down payment of a subsequent purchase?
  • Does your client have multiple mortgages or liens against the property – this could be a sign that your client has financial problems?

These questions and more can be answered by performing a property search in a tool like GeoWarehouse which will enable you to validate who owns a property, its history, value, financial standing and more.

Creating your own form of credit check for your clients helps you identify potential challenges early on in the process of engaging a new client. You are the first in a series of professionals who will be called upon to work on the transaction you have originated – mortgage agents and brokers, lenders, appraisers, property inspectors, stagers, real estate lawyers, title insurance companies, property insurance companies – even the municipality.

Doing your part to vet the client not only saves you time and expense but also saves all the other professionals that will become a part of the transaction time too! This is not to mention that the due diligence measures outlined above also go a long way to cut down fraud in the mortgage industry.

GeoWarehouse can help you conduct this credit check – visit today.



Improve Closure RatesAs a real estate sales professional you have a budget and within that budget you have a number of resources available to you to, both acquire deals but also, to get them closed quickly and efficiently. The more efficient you are the better the services your clients receive. Also, you can close more deals because you will be better equipped to serve a higher volume of clients.

When looking at ways to improve your closure rights, or maximizing on what you are spending on landing new clients, technology is your friend. The more reliable information that you can access sooner, improves the time it takes you to provide service to your clients.

GeoWarehouse reports are a great example. Here are 7 ways you can use GeoWarehouse reports to improve closure rates:

  1. Know who your client is. Using GeoWarehouse you can verify that your client is, in fact, the legal owner of a property; and if they are not, advise them accordingly.
  2. Know that you can get paid. Using GeoWarehouse you can also see encumbrances that are registered against the property. If there are more encumbrances against a property than the value of the property you may want to ask your client or the selling agent how you will be paid.
  3. Know as much as you can about the deal. You may be able to leverage searches available in the GeoWarehouse Store to learn of potential liens or other issues with title that could prevent a deal from closing.
  4. Quickly assess values. Whether you are assessing list value or determining an offer for a client on a property, leverage comparable sales listings in GeoWarehouse to determine a fair offer that represents market value.
  5. Know the area. Leverage neighbourhood demographics reports to tell your client everything they need to know about who lives in a particular neighbourhood, including average income, types of household, ages in household, family structures, religions, schools, transit and more…
  6. Condos. Before you request your condo certificate the good ‘ole fashioned way, check on GeoWarehouse to see if it is available for purchase in the GeoWarehouse Store. This will greatly expedite the process of verifying information like whether or not the condo fees are up to date and that there are no issues with the condo corporation or their financials to be concerned with.
  7. Sell, sell, sell. Leverage your property details and neighbourhood demographics reports at open houses and use them when showing properties to clients. This is an excellent opportunity to shine – your GeoWarehouse reports are professionally branded.

If up to date information or supporting documentation is needed, it can be obtained in the GeoWarehouse Store by purchasing Parcel Registers and/or Instrument Images.

By accessing GeoWarehouse and running an Enhanced Sales Report which includes home ownership information, sales history information, comparable sales information, neighbourhood sales information and aerial and street view imagery on each property you are planning to list or show, you will be more prepared, more efficient and in the end able to provide better services and close more deals.

For more information about how you can use GeoWarehouse to improve closure rates please visit or call 1-866-237-5937.


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