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May 15, 2017

The New GeoWarehouse Store has been redesigned to make it even easier to use! If you have not yet used the GeoWarehouse Store, this is where you can request things like:

  • Parcel Registers* – View the legal owners of a property, registered mortgages, liens and more.
  • Instrument Images – View documents registered on the Parcel Register* for even more information.
  • Surveys – Quickly access property surveys where available.
  • Condo Certificates – Obtain condo certificates online.

Here are some great resources to help you quickly navigate the NEW GeoWarehouse Store:

Not yet a GeoWarehouse customer? Find out more about this amazing tool by visiting

*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.



NEW Reporting

Author: GeoWarehouse
July 4, 2016

Rich reporting capabilities will help you find the information that you need, in an easy to read manner and with deep analytics that you can use.



No Property Survey? No Problem

Author: GeoWarehouse
July 4, 2016

geo1Surveys are a critical part of the property purchasing process. While the immergence of title insurance has left some relying less on surveys – any person who buys a home really should get a copy of the survey.

Why? Surveys reveal a lot. Surveys are similar to a map that outlines a property’s boundaries and structures. A property survey will reveal improvements to the land where new structures have been added or where the size of the property itself has been increased.

Surveys are also important because they mitigate the likelihood of future disputes over land and boundary lines – this commonly occurs when the time comes to put a fence in or construct a garage. This is not to mention that a survey may reveal that a neighbour has a fence or building constructed on the property that is being sold or vice versa. This can become a costly exercise should it come up after the new owner has taken possession of the property. Your client also may benefit from a survey if they plan to construct new structures or build on the property because the survey will help them determine where they can and cannot legally build.

This brings us to our next point – zoning. Depending on how your client plans to use a property, the survey will reveal restrictions with regard to zoning. For example, what if your client has plans to put in a double garage but the property is not zoned for one, or perhaps your client plans to use part of their property for a business? A survey can reveal these restrictions which may pose problems later.

Finally, a property survey is one document that says what is what. In cases where two properties are sharing something like a driveway, for example, the survey will outline exactly how much of the shared element is located on the property being sold.

The challenge here is that, especially in cases of older properties, surveys can easily be misplaced or lost. Historically, when this occurs the next step is to have a new survey performed which is very costly and takes some time. No property survey? No problem. Well, not having a property survey is a problem, but a lost or stolen one no longer is.

Property surveys are available to you online. Can you imagine the value you can provide to your client when they cringe telling you they can’t find their survey – and your response is ‘not a problem!’ If a survey is available online for your property, the time to get it is greatly reduced because it is expedited electronically and the cost is also far less than requesting a whole new survey.

Don’t have a survey on hand? No problem. Grab one today from the GeoWarehouse Store:



February 1, 2016

The New GeoWarehouse is coming soon! We took your feedback and worked on what we already had…what we came up with is sure to impress. With several new features and many improvements, GeoWarehouse will be even better. If you liked it before, you’ll love it now!

So what’s new?

Property Search has improved. With the new Omni Search Bar, now you can do a quick search by address, name, PIN or ARN – getting results faster and more efficiently. You can also view all recent search activities and receive real-time suggestions as you type.

Map Search also got an upgrade. The new single-click map search makes it easy to click anywhere on the map to search a property. We now offer quick links to the Property Report and full-screen Street View.  We’ve also added location detection to find properties near you!

Want better comparable sales? You got it. With quick access to Comparable Sales Search you can bring up stats quickly. An all-new custom polygon drawing tool allows you to set search criteria even more accurately. Real-time statistics mean you are always up-to-date!

The New GeoWarehouse takes everything you loved about GeoWarehouse and turned it into and even more powerful tool.

Want to know more? Sign up today at

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geo1Power at your fingertips – if you’re a GeoWarehouse user, you’ve got it. However, many users don’t even realize the power that they can unlock through the GeoWarehouse Store. So much land registry data is available through Parcel Registers*, Instrument Images, surveys, MPAC Assessment reports and more.

For this week’s training time we are focusing on the images, reports and documents available in the GeoWarehouse Store and how you can access them.

Want to unlock the power and access land registry data but not a GeoWarehouse customer? Reach out to us to find out more. Visit today.

*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.



geo2Over the course of your role representing a buyer or seller, due diligence is going to require some extra digging. There are certain things in real estate that when needed could be a real pain to get.

Some examples of this are:

  • Condo Status Certificates – which can take up to 10 days to get and involve a written request, issuance of payment and then pick-up
  • Surveys – would involve a surveyor to come out to the property
  • Instrument Images when things come up on title – liens or other registrations come up on title and the registrant’s contact information is needed in order to get it resolved

Some real estate sales professionals don’t even realize that by being a member of a real estate board your board may have set-up access to GeoWarehouse. A GeoWarehouse subscription provides access to property search and evaluation features – but also access to premium searches, images and reports that can be needed from time to time and are a pain in the butt to get. If available, through the GeoWarehouse Store you can purchase a Condo Status Certificate, survey, Instrument Image or even MPAC Property Assessment report online.

Just realizing that you are a GeoWarehouse member? Here are some vital guides that walk you through how to request various searches, images, documents and reports in the GeoWarehouse Store.

Not a GeoWarehouse customer? Visit for more information about how to access this work changing tool!


November 4, 2015

Social media is ever evolving and new sites are popping up all over the place all the time. Sometimes the question comes up – is it worth wasting time developing presences on the newbie sites? Time = $$, right? It’s often a best rule of thumb when these new sites emerge to wait to see how they perform – how quickly they gain members, what types of members and that there members are where you targeting.

Pinterest has proven itself to be a formidable social media site that should not be ignored. With a membership base exceeding 72 million users and a large demographic, Pinterest is used by many to view images and infographic to get ideas.

Pinterest is a great place to share useful information with your clients about selling a property, staging, landscaping, etc… while also creating boards to promote listings.

Here is ViMO’s guide – Pinterest for Real Estate.



Don’t leave any opportunities behind – use them to your advantage.

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November 17, 2014

GeoWarehouse Training VideoWe love training, not just because it helps you do more, but also because, in the case of the ever-evolving application that is GeoWarehouse, it is important to keep attuned to different things you can do in GeoWarehouse and how.

As a GeoWarehouse customer, you have the capabilities included in the main application, but you also have exclusive access to the GeoWarehouse Store. The GeoWarehouse Store is where you can perform premium searches to dig digger into deals and learn more information about your client, a property or even to obtain information via a 3rd party partner.

Here are the most common reports/searches that real estate sales professionals request/obtain when using the GeoWarehouse Store:

  • Condo Status Certificate – requesting this online makes obtaining it faster, easier and more affordable.
  • Parcel Register* – verify as of the date of search who is the homeowner is and check financial encumbrances.
  • Instrument Images – drill down deeper into charge, mortgage, lien, discharged and other instruments registered on the title search.
  • Surveys and Plans – if available, you can obtain these online.
  • MPAC Property Assessment Reports

If one of the above are available, sometimes you will see icons to request them right after you perform a property search – however many of the above have to be purchased directly through the GeoWarehouse Store.

This training video “Getting Started in the GeoWarehouse Store” will provide you with an overview of how to navigate the GeoWarehouse Store and what can be purchased there. If you watch the tutorial you can then reference other training videos that focus on the specific searches, documents, images and reports.

Training at your fingertips:

You can also register for:

Stay up to date and let GeoWarehouse help you get all of the information you need. Call us today 1-866-237-5937.

*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.


Real Estate Lead GenerationWhat makes the difference between a somewhat successful real estate sales career in Ontario and one that is very successful?  The answer is a rock solid plan for real estate lead generation. In this blog, we will cover some proven techniques that successful real estate professionals have adopted, and that can accelerate your real estate lead generation.

Social Influence

We all know that the arrival of social media has changed the way that we communicate, network and generate new business. In this regard, social influence is the key.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect.  Imagine you were having coffee with a colleague, and shared that you were thinking about purchasing a property. If your friend offered a recommendation, how likely would you be to take that recommendation? This is the whole premise of social influence, the only difference is that now recommendations occur online.

Let’s take Facebook as an example of social influence: if you were to ask a happy client to visit your Facebook page and post about their experience, the result would be that their connections would see the post in their feed. Someone else, who may be in the market to buy or sell a home, may be influenced by their connection’s positive experience with you.

In fact, statistics show that 1 in 3 people make a buying decision based on recommendations from those in their social networks. We know that finding time to manage social presences can be daunting, but starting with a single presence, that you check regularly, is a start. Here are techniques that you can employ to improve social influence within your networks:

  1. Create a Facebook presence that caters to your real estate endeavours (not your personal Facebook page).
  2. Anytime you meet someone invite them to join your network on Facebook.
  3. Anytime you close a deal, ask your client to post on your Facebook page with respect to their dealings with you.

In no time at all you will begin to see the fruits of your labour.

Thought Leadership and Recognition

Consumers want to deal with a professional who is a thought-leader in their field. You have access to many tools and resources that help you discover an abundance of information, so why not blog about them? Showing your prospects that you are knowledgeable and able to address all their questions is key.

Here is a great example: in Ontario, thousands of real estate sales professionals use GeoWarehouse to learn about sales histories, neighbourhood demographics and more. Why not share this knowledge with your online networks.

Here is how to do it: If there is a particular demographic that you want to speak to, write a quick blog about neighbourhoods that cater to that demographic. This will speak directly to those you want to market to and establish you as a thought-leader in an area that is important to them.

Being in the Right Communities to Expand Your Referral Networks

Referral relationships are an awesome way to generate ongoing volume business with little ongoing marketing investment. Sites like LinkedIn are amazing for this purpose. On LinkedIn you can join groups that are frequented by target referral sources; CAAMP is a great example. If you want to establish new referral relationships with mortgage brokers, the CAAMP group on LinkedIn is the perfect place to find them. Get connected to new referral opportunities on LinkedIn and then leverage the “Projects” module inside your LinkedIn profile to post listings and keep your connections in the loop with respect to your current listings. More exposure of your listings equals more sales.

Some other ideas could include posting to free classified sites like Kijiji, Craigslist and, where possible, paying to be a top sponsored listing. Sponsored listings on Kijiji are a very affordable way to gain a lot of exposure. Kijiji also gives you the ability to access a list of people who are posting looking for your services.

These are just a few examples of ways that you can leverage technology for the purpose of real estate lead generation. Join the conversation – what best techniques are you using to generate more business?

If you would like information about GeoWarehouse please visit or call 1-866-237-5937.


GeoWarehouse StoreThe GeoWarehouse Store is available to Real Estate Sales Professionals who subscribe to GeoWarehouse. In the store, Real Estate Sales Professionals can access a vast range of information, searches, reports, certificates, documents just to name a few. This blog highlights the top 5 GeoWarehouse reports that Real Estate Sales Professionals purchase in the GeoWarehouse Store and why.


Parcel Register                                         

The Parcel Register is a component of the property title search that reveals a property’s ownership information, legal description information and a history of all transfers, mortgages, liens and other encumbrances. Real Estate Sales Professionals use this report to verify who owns a property, what mortgages they have (validate equity), identify issues that could impact the real estate transaction from closing and more…

Instrument Image

Instrument images provide vital details when an issue is identified in the Parcel Register and further information is required. For example, let’s say there is a mortgage registered on your client’s property by a private lender, a discharge statement is required and no one knows where to obtain it. An instrument image can provide you with the private lender’s information and also the private lender’s lawyer’s information, including contact information. This can enable you to help your client obtain a discharge statement. The same is true if the Parcel Register reveals that a lien has been registered against the property. An instrument image can reveal the registrant, contact information and the amount of the lien. Instrument images are a very useful tool for Real Estate Sales Professionals and can result in significant time savings.


The HomeVerified Insurance Claims history report can be purchased through the GeoWarehouse store and is an excellent tool to learn the insurance history on a property. Uncovering damage claims can reveal floods, potential electrical problems and more… Through HomeVerified you can also verify if the property you are listing has been used as a grow op.


Gone are the days of having to order, organize and pay for expensive surveys. Surveys are now available on GeoWarehouse. If a survey for the property is available it can be purchased online, through the GeoWarehouse Store. A digital format will be emailed immediately to you after completing the purchase process.

MPAC Assessment Data

Many Real Estate Sales Professionals turn to MPAC assessment data when they need information like a property’s accurate municipal address and to identify missing information on a transaction. There are a wide range of MPAC Assessment Reports available in the GeoWarehouse Store. MPAC Assessment Reports include information such as current value assessment, property type, site area and unit of measure, year built, zoning, last valid sale date, last valid sale amount, heating type, air conditioning, basement total area, basement finished area, garage type, and garage spaces.

Another very valuable report available through GeoWarehouse, just not through the GeoWarehouse store, is the ability to request condo status certificates on any real estate closing that involves a condo. As a Real Estate Sales Professional you know the act of obtaining a condo certificate is both costly and timely. Condo corporations demanding payment of the fee by certified funds, tight time lines on closings and needing to retrieve the certificate can really make obtaining a condo status certificate a grueling task. Condo status certificates can be ordered. By registering for Conduit through GeoWarehouse and then processing an order. Incorporating these very useful products into your workflow will result in you having more knowledge about your clients and their properties and save you time and money through increased efficiency.

If you would like more information about how you can access the GeoWarehouse Store please visit or call 1-866-237-5937.


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