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Can You Guess the Words?

Author: GeoWarehouse
July 28, 2014

This is a tough one, but we had so many people with correct answers on the last one that we had to make this one harder. YOU ASKED AND WE LISTENED: Those with correct answers will be entered in a draw to win a $25 Starbucks gift card on October 15, 2014.

Because this one is hard we gave you the second word.

*Hint – this is available in the GeoWarehouse Store

4 Pics

May 12, 2014

Instrument ImageMany real estate sales professionals are aware of common searches they can perform, such as searches for sales history information, property ownership information, information about a property’s financial standing, neighbourhood sales and demographics information and more. Some real estate sales professionals even go as far as to look as a property’s Parcel Register as an extra step to ensure due diligence.

So what is an instrument image* and why is it something relevant to you?

An instrument image* is an image of documents registered with the Land Registration System of Ontario. When looking at a Parcel Register, if there is a transfer, mortgage or lien and you want more information including the name and contact information of the other party, court file number, registered balance, etc., you are one step closer when you have the instrument image*. Instrument images* are the documents that support mortgages, transfers, liens, condominium declarations and more.

Using this information you will close more deals because you will be able to quickly identify deals that will present an issue.

For more information about how you can obtain instrument images* please visit If you are a current GeoWarehouse customer wondering how you can obtain an instrument image* – watch the training video below – instructions regarding how to obtain an instrument image* are addressed about halfway through the video:

*** Instrument images* are supplied by the registrant and we cannot guarantee the information contained in them or how complete the information is.

* An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.


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