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obtain a property surveyLand surveys are still an integral part of the property purchasing process and vitally important during the purchaser’s ownership of that land. Property lines are the first thing people refer to when disputing issues like misplaced fences, garages, driveways and even homes!

While some lenders offer title insurance, nothing beats an accurate and properly documented property survey upon closing.

Title insurance protects clients against losses incurred in situations like defects on title or land survey. This protection is a compensatory measure extended as part of a claim clients may file in pursuit of correcting such a defect.

But beware that the process of filing a claim with the title insurance company is a long and complicated one.  Your clients are better served by knowing upon close that they’ve purchased a property with clean title – with a survey that documents this.

Then when do lenders consider title insurance a viable alternative to having a survey? Traditionally, when a seller doesn’t have an up-to-date survey in their possession, conducting a new survey tends to be a long, expensive and arduous process. Here’s why:

  • A surveyor would have to be obtained
  • The surveyor would have to meet the client
  • The surveyor then performs research
  • The surveyor then heads to the property to perform field work which includes taking accurate measurements of the property
  • The surveyor proceeds to complete drawings
  • And then the survey is delivered

The beauty of today’s real estate climate is that now your client can have the best of both worlds – title insurance (which most lenders require) and a survey of the property, if one exists, and without having to trudge through the entire survey process. Some real estate sales professionals who access GeoWarehouse don’t even realize that in the GeoWarehouse store you can purchase a survey of a property electronically!

This makes life so much more manageable for already stressed buyers and sellers. If a seller doesn’t have a survey and a potential buyer makes the offer conditional upon one, you can purchase a survey – easily. If the seller doesn’t want to bear the costs associated with the survey but the buyer is adamant about having one done, the buyer can also opt to pay the necessary fee to have the survey conducted.

Click, click – property survey, and that’s it!

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land surveys, title insuranceIn today’s real estate world, many lenders will not require a property survey to finance a property when there is title insurance. But does that mean your client should buy a home without having a survey?

Let’s look at a land surveys and their benefits.

A land survey describes, verifies and maps the boundary lines and improvements of the land being surveyed. The survey will reveal power lines, building locations, fence locations, where the street is, regulations, zoning and more.

It benefits the homeowner to have a survey. A seller who doesn’t have one may want to think about getting one as some potential buyers may make it a condition on an offer,

Drilling down, a survey will:

  • Reveal if a fence, wall, garage or other structure from a neighbouring property is in fact on your property. There have even been instances of driveways spilling over onto another property owner’s land.
  • Enable you to avoid misunderstandings as far as where your property line is as not to accidentally build a fence or other structure on a neighbour’s property.
  • Reveal/end property line disputes
  • Validate exact property dimensions, sizes and locations of structures on a property to be matched against a listing
  • Where there are plans for future investment, a survey can help you understand if things like dividing your lot in the future are a possibility.

One of the reasons that title insurance emerged as such a competitive product is because, in the past, surveys have been somewhat time-consuming and expensive to get – but not so much anymore. Online applications like GeoWarehouse enable you in most cases to obtain a land survey for your client online.

While some have made it a question of survey or title insurance and even purchased a home without a survey just to avoid the expense, having both seems to be the best scenario. In a recent blog, Brian Madigan on agrees:

With a survey and title insurance your client will know all the facts about the property and have insurance that protects them against defects in that information and even potential forgery/fraud. Title insurance protects the insured against matters that happened in the past as opposed to things that might happen in the future.

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