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May 8, 2017

You’re in a competitive industry; you know it and we know it. You have to stretch every marketing dollar the furthest possible distance and are often likely looking for new and innovative ways to land new clients. Getting your foot in the door can be tricky because you are probably not the first real estate sales professional that has come a-knocking.

Whether you are knocking on doors, promoting ads on social media, or sending out email and snail mail campaigns, what does every seller want to know? The value of their home, making this information the lowest hanging fruit in terms of getting a prospect interested.

The last thing you want to do is have your fish on the line but then be forced to put your rod down and go away to do some research. You want to get the prospect the information they need – the quicker the better. This is where your tools come into play.

Here are some tips for quickly dazzling your prospect and converting them from a lead to becoming your newest client:

Mobile matters. Especially when door-knocking, the more you can do at the door, the more likely you are to land your client. Having a tablet and access to a tool that can enable you to quickly generate this data on the spot will expedite the conversation, hopefully leading to a new listing.

Make the most out of your snail mail. Yes, you can send your client a standard 4×6 inch full colour, glossy printed card with your photo, tagline and value proposition – but isn’t that what everyone does? What about spending a little bit of time researching a property and sharing some information, such as what homes in the area are selling for? A little effort goes a long way and this shows your prospect that you are ahead of the pack.

Make the most of responding to email and ad inquiries. Along the same lines as making the most of snail mail, that the first contact you make after a prospect has reached out to you is critical. Prospects who send you an email or message through an ad campaign are likely accustomed to communicating electronically. If they are in research mode, you are likely not the only real estate sales professional that they have reached out to. While the other person may respond with an email asking for a time to have a phone call or with some basic information, you can shine by leveraging a GeoWarehouse property report to show your client that the time is right to sell and you are the best representative for them!

It is tough out there and we know you’re busy, but the extra steps that you take to show your client that you are the expert will lead to more converted leads and a stronger bottom line in the end.

The tools available through the NEW GeoWarehouse make you the property expert. Take advantage. Find out more by visiting www.geowarehouse.ca or calling 1-416-360-7542.


May 16, 2016

geo2You worked hard to convince the client that listing with you is the way to go, and no all that’s left to do is prepare the listing agreement and determine a sale price. Until… your client tells you that they think their home is worth far more than it is.

This happens all the time. There are so many reasons that clients think that their homes are worth far more than they are:

  • What their neighbours tell them – the person across the street listed for…
  • What contractors tell them – I did some improvements to the home…
  • Too much TV –home renovation television convinced them a new coat of paint added another $25k on their home’s value

This a delicate conversation because a home is the biggest investment most people will make and telling them that it is not worth what they think could result in them wanting to work with a real estate sales professional who agrees with them.

  1. The best way to have this conversation with a client is to be well researched before the conversation even happens. Look at the sales history on the home, run neighbourhood comps but select some individual comps that are indisputably similar to the property in question.
  1. When you go to speak with the client put on your listening ears. Your client will be more likely to accept what you have to tell them if you have heard them out completely – even if you don’t agree with them.
  1. Present the evidence – don’t just tell them you have performed research and believe a good list price is $___. No. Sit down with your client and show them your comps and how you derived the value.

Make sure they understand the cons of listing too high:

  • People may not even come to see the home because their real estate sales professional may tell them it is overpriced and not worth looking at
  • Being on the market too long without selling can actually harm the property’s value
  • If you agree to a higher price they may have trouble getting financed

If they still insist, after leveraging your tools, that the property is worth more all that’s left to do is suggest that they have an appraisal.

Dealing with clients who think that their homes are worth far more than they are is a challenging problem that you face all the time. This is why it is so important to be informed and have access to the best technology to do your homework.

Use GeoWarehouse to derive accurate value estimates to help convince unrealistic sellers. Find out more at www.geowarehouse.ca.



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