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February 21, 2017

Many real estate professionals rely on GeoWarehouse to generate sales comparables – even more so sometimes than using their MLS systems. For this reason, we made this a priority in the design of the NEW GeoWarehouse, making this process that much easier.

In the NEW GeoWarehouse you don’t have to select a property of interest to generate sales comparables – simply select the Search Comparables option to the right of the search window and LRO drop down.

Once you do this a secondary tool bar will appear that contains all the parameters you need to select comparable sales in the area of interest. Simply select your criteria from the options listed.

Finally, click Find Comparables and a list of properties that meet the search criteria will appear.

  • You can change the orientation of the comparable sales results section from horizontal to vertical by selecting split screen icon.
  • Scroll through the comparable sales and de-select any results by removing the checkmark beside the address.
  • Refine your search by selecting the arrow to right of the criteria, make the amendment and select Refine Results.
  • The map and comparable statistics chart will be updated automatically.
  • Adjust the comparable sales results window in horizontal view by selecting the header and moving up or down.
  • Adjust the comparable sales results window in vertical view by selecting the right side of the page and move right or left.
  • Select the printer icon to print the report.
  • PDF report option COMING SOON.

If you are trying to generate sales comparables and would like more detail on the different criteria or an explanation regarding results check out our complete user guide here which includes further detail and imagery. Training is also available through the contact our trainers link on




Enriched Comparables Sales Report

Author: GeoWarehouse
June 21, 2016

The NEW GeoWarehouse brings a more interactive way of get insights into comparable sales for a property or a neighbourhood.

February 22, 2016

We’ve been talking about how we’ve made GeoWarehouse even better – and today we are covering one of our favourite new features: the custom polygon drawing tool – used for searching comparable sales! Check it out!
Here is how it works:

Simply select polygon draw on your side menu:


Draw your parameters:


Then add your criteria and voilà – find comparable sales that much quicker!


GeoWarehouse took everything you loved about the tool, made some changes and improvements, and now it is even better than before. The new Comparable Sales features, including the custom polygon drawing tool, make you faster and more efficient.

You spoke – we listened!

For more about all of the New GeoWarehouse features sign up today:

To take advantage of the tools that make your job that much easier, please visit today.


geo2Ahhh the once dreaded property valuation. In the olden days, you had to go through the MLS, one by one, pulling sales comparables to estimate the value of a home for an offer or listing….

Today’s real estate sales professionals access this information at the click of a mouse. Using GeoWarehouse you can both generate sales comparables and use the tool to generate value. Here is a quick training video that shows you how to generate a property valuation in GeoWarehouse.



Move into the future – GeoWarehouse saves you time and money and makes you more effective and competitive. For more info visit today.



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