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April 10, 2017

You asked and we listened.

As you probably already know, we have released the NEW GeoWarehouse with a simplified look and feel and better user experience. It is now compatible with mobile devices that are tablet size so that you can do more on the go. The new immersive map experience makes it easier to perform searches, improves comparables search and presentation. The NEW GeoWarehouse will provide you with the next level of property expertise.

The NEW GeoWarehouse provides you with more powerful search capabilities. Our focus has been to reduce complexity, improve usability and workflow, and to include some of the ViMO functionality that customers have come to love, such as the ViMO Client Report. We give you the best of both worlds in this revolutionary new tool.

The GeoWarehouse Client Report is a powerful sales tool that can be used to land new clients and enhance the customer experiences with existing clients. The Client Report is a real conversation starter! It is a pdf report that you can easily customize to include title, assessment demographics, area sales information, and market analytics for residential properties.  The market analytics section includes statistics and heat maps for average sale value, growth rates, and market turnover.

Interested in checking out the new Client Report? You can do so by visiting a property in GeoWarehouse, selecting the “PDF” icon, and selecting the Client Report – it is that simple!

Want to learn more about the enhanced capabilities of the NEW GeoWarehouse, including the Market Analytics section of the Client Report? Ask us about setting up free trial access! Visit or call 1-416-360-7542.

May 2, 2016

vimo logoElectronic real estate forms have now been in use for the past year. Real estate sales professionals across Ontario have begun or are thinking about how they can incorporate electronic real estate forms into their day-to-day business and with good reason.

Signing new engagement agreements and negotiating offers digitally removes a painful, paper-laden process. So what’s the best way to go about implementing electronic real estate forms and signing into your workflow?

First things first: if you are planning to go paperless or do more on the go then we highly recommend getting a tablet. Many document management tools are delivered via mobile app so you will need a device in order to use one of these tools. A mobile app will also wow your clients because you will be able to do more when on the road on a tablet than you can your smartphone.

Secondly, consider your tools. While there are generic document management tools that you can use, you can actually cut down on your apps by looking at industry specific apps which also offer electronic real estate forms. The other benefit to industry apps that offer electronic document management is that you can do more in one place.

A great example: Meet ViMO, GeoWarehouse’s extremely convenient partner program. ViMO is a mobile app that was released last year by Teranet and is designed specifically for real estate sales professionals.

While ViMO is actually a marketing app where real estate sales professionals can promote listings, collaborate with other colleagues, and work with clients to estimate their property values or research neighbourhoods, it also offers the unique capability of digital document management, namely electronic real estate forms the ability to sign digitally.

You simply create your forms in ViMO and your client can sign using their finger, right on a tablet.

Implementing the signing of electronic real estate forms on your mobile device is the way to go. Think about all the trips back and forth from your office to sign up a new client, negotiate a listing agreement or offer of purchase and sale. Now you can prepare everything you require, right in front of the client. Think new buyer: when meeting them, ViMO will enable you to create and sign the terms of your representation and then together you can look at properties of interest right on ViMO.

Technology and changes to the laws to move with technology have changed the real estate landscape again and no doubt will continue to do so. Want to stay competitive – think electronic real estate forms.

ViMO is the best there is. Find out more at



geo2Why does a client hire a real estate sales professional? Because they want to deal with an expert, a professional in real estate who can guide them through the purchase of a home.

Let’s be realistic – there are many different real estate sale professionals who have:

  • Different years of experience
  • Experience in different neighbourhoods
  • Experience with certain types of properties

Not everyone knows everything about every type of property in every area and quite frankly some professionals are new to the business and are still learning. However, no matter the years of experience or level of knowledge, the last thing any real estate sales professional wants is to be out at a showing and unable to answer questions.

When you show a property, the client could come out with a myriad of questions, especially if they are very interested. Not having answers will leave any client feeling like perhaps they haven’t chosen an expert.

In the past, real estate sales professionals would pull the MLS listings and a GeoWarehouse report for all the properties they planned to show, carting around a stack of paper. While looking at MLS listings and a GeoWarehouse report is still highly relevant – the time has come to explore other ways to ensure that the information is at your fingertips when your client asks.

First things first – a tablet is a must. Laptops are too bulky and smartphones are too small. Many companies like Teranet have developed mobile apps for real estate so that real estate sales professionals can do more on the go – but you want to make sure you can actually do those things efficiently so a tablet is your best bet.

Next – think about a cloud storage tool like Dropbox to store all of your documents online. Install their app on your tablet.

Now when working on deals you can load your GeoWarehouse report and MLS listings into Dropbox and when on the go use your real estate apps to pull up information about the property’s history, sales of other similar homes in the area, neighbourhood demographics and more.

Finally, when your client is ready to seal the deal, on that very tablet you can open up all the required real estate documents in your real estate app, create them and get your client to sign them electronically, later storing those documents in your Dropbox file with your other searches and documentation.

Look – as real estate sales professionals you work hard but you can’t be all things to all people. The tools and technology will really determine whether you are on your A game, or doing the real estate walk of shame.

GeoWarehouse and ViMO can help you become more efficient, giving you the ability to do more on the go. Want more info? Visit us today at




geo1Everyone knows about GeoWarehouse. It has only been the top and most relied upon real estate tool in Ontario for the past 15 years. GeoWarehouse is a research tool with a marketing component, and riding that success, in 2014 Teranet wanted to look at how we could add even more value for real estate sales professionals.

This led to the creation of ViMO, GeoWarehouse’s sexy sister. Initially there was some confusion because some saw ViMO as GeoWarehouse’s mobile app – when in reality they do different things and together form the most competitive toolset on the market today. One main difference – digital signature capability.

When Ontario changed the law this past year, Teranet was ready with ViMO offering full digital signature capability and the ability to create and sign all real estate forms right in the app.

While you can use both products to research a property’s sales history, pull sales comps, estimate values, research neighbourhood sales and demographics – there are other key differences too.

Here are the differences:

More of a marketing tool with a research component:

– In ViMO you can connect to clients, colleagues and suppliers and share information
– Post and market your listings in the app
– Create market insight reports to continually add value to your clients
– Do more on the go

More of a research tool:

– GeoWarehouse offers access to things like surveys, Parcel Registers*, Instrument Images, condo certificates.
– GeoWarehouse provides the property’s financial information
– GeoWarehouse reports are often used as feature sheets in open houses.

When in the office you can use GeoWarehouse to research a new listing or to look for listings to show your clients. When on the go with your clients you can use ViMO to:

  • Look up properties
  • Message other real estate sales professionals to get appointments
  • You can stand in front of a property and using the augmented reality feature in ViMO use the camera on your iPad to pull all the data your client needs to know about that property
  • Heat maps help you and your client instantly identify hot pockets within a particular community that are worth looking at.

The introduction of ViMO simply means you can do more. Get rid of the paper, do more on the go and be more efficient. If a client wants to make an offer – no problem. You can negotiate all the paperwork on your tablet, obtain their digital signature and transmit it to the other side with a couple of taps. It really has made the entire process more efficient – saving you time and money and giving you the ability to offer better service to your clients.

We all know how valuable GeoWarehouse is, and now you can add a new set of tools to that virtual tool box with ViMO.

Want to know more? Visit or today.

*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.


October 21, 2015

Being that ViMO is our little brother we thought it prudent to dedicate this week’s blog content to a fantastic new feature that the ViMO team at Teranet rolled out this past month.

As you likely already know, ViMO is a mobile app for real estate that real estate sales professionals use to market listings, collaborate and manage relationships with prospects, clients and partners, administer documents, research properties – and oh, did we mention… market to customers??

Your marketing is your bread and butter and we know it, which is why the developers continually add and develop new ViMO features.

Introducing the Market Intelligence Report!!

Using the Market Intelligence Report you can create customized reports about industry news and neighbourhood sales activities that you can market to:

  • Prospects – generate leads
  • Clients – nurture leads
  • Partners/Colleagues/Referral Sources – generate new relationships!


Only GeoWarehouse customers can register for ViMO – Visit to learn more about the Market Insights Report or about the full capabilities offered by the full ViMO mobile app for real estate.



Make ViMO Your Valentine

Author: GeoWarehouse
February 11, 2015

Valentine’s Day is here! If you don’t have your Valentine yet – make ViMO your Valentine. ViMO enables you to get connected to prospects, clients, and colleagues and promote your best attributes… including your listings.

ViMO 2

Create more effective, stronger, long term relationships that benefit all involved, with ViMO. Visit today for more information.


The Digital Open House

Author: GeoWarehouse
January 26, 2015

ViMOSmart phones, tablets and mobile apps have been a real game changer in real estate! The internet and web brought us online listings, MLS systems, online applications to perform due diligence and investigate properties, virtual tours and more…

Mobile technology however has brought us that much more capability. Selling real estate is a profession that has you on the road all the time. Lugging around a clunky laptop can be uncomfortable, never mind a portable printer. Mobile technology can cut down on trips to the office and make you extremely efficient.

As we watch the paper disappear, it becomes more and more prudent for real estate sales professionals to learn and share ideas about how they can do more digitally. The digital open house is a great example and really only requires a tablet and access to the ViMO app.


  • When you run an open house you can use your tablet to not only show highlights with respect to the property and neighbourhood, but as real estate sales professionals representing buyers and buyers themselves come through your client’s property, you can create a profile for them in your ViMO app and electronically transmit all pertinent details on the property.
  • If a buyer comes through your client’s property and is not interested, you can show them other properties in the area on your ViMO app and schedule a date to take them out to see those properties (assuming they are unrepresented).

You can literally answer any and all questions a buyer may have at the swipe of your tablet!

Be ready to get digitally connected! After adding a real estate sales professional on ViMO, ask them if they would like to connect on LinkedIn, or if a buyer, connect on Facebook.

Getting prepared for a digital open house:

  • You will want to ensure that you have an iPad with your app loaded up.
  • Practice the different criteria you will enter to generate information about the property – this way you appear confident when with the client.
  • Ensure that there is Wi-Fi at the property. If there is not, have a contingency plan like setting up your smart phone as a mobile hotspot.

As of today, you may not be able to do away with paper entirely – not because you can’t but because the late adopters of the world may still want something to take with them, like a feature sheet. It is a good idea to print a few from GeoWarehouse to have out on the table. With that said, when running a digital open house, keep a tally of how many people want the information transmitted to them electronically versus in hardcopy format.

Moving towards running your open houses digitally will inevitably make you more competitive because you are capable of doing more, faster!

Stay connected with GeoWarehouse and ViMO. Find out more by visiting or today.


ViMO Offers Subscription Billing

Author: GeoWarehouse
January 5, 2015


Attn: GeoWarehouse customers!!! ViMO is now available for 1 low annual subscription. Don’t know what ViMO is? It’s Teranet’s new mobile app for real estate sales professionals. Visit the ViMO site –, click ViMO and input your preliminary information and someone will get back to you from sales. It is as easy as that!

ViMO gives you the ability to do so much, on-the-go – are you taking advantage? You should be!


We have had so much positive feedback about the new ViMO (Virtual Mobile Office) product and also continual positive feedback about GeoWarehouse. We have also had some real estate sales professionals ask us if GeoWarehouse and ViMO are one and the same – or are they tools that complement one another? The answer is the latter – they are tools that complement one another. For this reason we decided to put together a little table to help you understand the commonalities and differences between the applications.

vimo geo comparables 1

Having both solutions gives you a powerful combination of both, access to reliable data and information; but also, to sales and marketing support tools that will make you better connected to opportunities, leading to more closed deals – whether or not you have time to go to the office.

For more information about ViMO please visit For more information about GeoWarehouse please visit


Paul MangionWe recently interviewed Paul Mangion, real estate sales professional from Axxess Realty, about what tools he uses most often when signing up a new client. While he mentioned using GeoWarehouse, MLS and even MPAC to perform various tasks relating to due diligence, one major thing was clear – the only  tool that enabled him to validate sales history information on a property and other properties, research property ownership information, search comparables, validate assessment values, generate reports and more, all in one place, was GeoWarehouse.

GeoWarehouse is a web-based, centralized property information source that provides state of the art mapping and research tools, as well as professional reports. GeoWarehouse services real estate sales professionals and other land professionals across Ontario. Using GeoWarehouse you can learn about a particular property, properties in a particular neighbourhood, property information such as ownership and sales history information, neighbourhood demographics information and more. You can also use the GeoWarehouse Store to dig deeper, accessing Parcel Registers, instrument images, Condo Status Certificates, surveys and more.

We also shared information with Paul about Teranet’s new mobile app for real estate sales professionals, ViMO is an amazing sales and marketing support tool that helps you close more business, enhancing your personal brand and enriching the face-to-face client experience. 

“Things are changing faster than ever before. Real estate sales professionals have to adapt. The idea that Teranet has introduced an app that compliments GeoWarehouse so nicely is exciting. Knowing how I rely on GeoWarehouse, adding the app capability, it seems that GeoWarehouse and ViMO will be the best toolset out there for real estate sales professionals in Ontario.” This was Paul’s opinion after looking at what he currently has with GeoWarehouse and what he stands to gain by also having the ViMO app.

Paul closed our interview by sharing with us how excited he is about changes in technology and how they will positively impact his ability to offer a better service and ultimately do more business. For more information about GeoWarehouse or ViMO visit or


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